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DPF Delete Kits For Trucks

The diesel particulate filter, or DPF, is a standard component on most of today’s heavy-duty trucks. While it serves a noble purpose, it’s also one of the most problematic components on a truck that can greatly hamper its performance, its fuel economy and its maintenance requirements. For this reason, many operators or fleet managers just opt to have this component removed from the vehicle altogether, a practice known as “DPF delete.” Diesel Spec can help, as we perform delete services on the widest ranges of diesel engines in the market.

Why the Issues with the DPF?

Like we said, the DPF is designed to serve an important purpose, that being capturing soot and other particulates from the exhaust before they have a chance to be released into the environment. However, the DPF presents logistical issues in how it is cleaned. And if the DPF cannot be properly cleaned at the necessary intervals, then it’s going to clog up. When it clogs, it won’t just lead to maintenance with the DPF, but potentially with the engine as well. This can cause unexpected maintenance and downtime, which can cut into a fleet’s profits and add to its overhead costs. In addition to this, the DPF also limits the performance of the engine, which can lead to performance and production issues. It’s many of these circumstances – and more – that lead many drivers and fleet managers to just avoid the headache altogether and have this component deleted.

Browse our website for more information about DPF delete

To learn more about the DPF delete services that we offer for heavy-duty trucks, and what engine makes and models we’re able to perform this service on, browse our website or contact us today. You’ll be able to find comprehensive information on all of the truck engines we service and the benefits of what a DPF delete can do for your truck and your operations. Don’t let the DPF become a burden on your trucks any longer, having it removed has its benefits. To learn more, browse the various sections on our website or contact Diesel Spec today.

Disclaimer for off-highway tuning

DPF Delete is an Off-Highway Tuning service intended solely for closed-course racing and off-highway driving. It may not be street legal in your province or state, and this service cannot be performed on vehicles registered or certified for highway use. Please check your federal, local, and province laws before purchasing.

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